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Hervé Jeanmart

Prof. H. Jeanmart performs research activities in biomass, combustion and alternative fuels. The gasification of biomass is studied with a focus on small-scale fixed bed technologies. More specifically, the two-stage concept is developed thanks to a fully automated 200kWth gasification facility including a cleaning unit and an engine. The behaviour of different wastes (sludge, waste wood, railroad ties, etc.) under gasification is the major focus of the on-going research. The combustion of biomass in power plants is also a subject of research using a dedicated pyrolysis model developed for high temperatures and heating rates and a drop tube furnace aimed at studying the fouling propensity of biomass.

Hydrocarbon and oxygenated species kinetic mechanisms are developed thanks to experiments on two low-pressure flat flame burners. The mechanism, called “UCL”, is now composed of 830 reactions and 160 species. It handles species like methane, ethanol, benzene, etc. It is further developed to include the combustion of alternative fuels, like valerates and tri-esters.

Voir en ligne : Thermodynamics and Fluid mechanics

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